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It isn’t blowing cold enough

By Richard Hawkins, MACS contributor

“It isn’t blowing cold enough.大多数做空调业务的汽车修理店都会经常听到顾客说这句话. 它可以是一个空调系统可能出错的任何事情的结果.  Often it is a case of common things such as, a low refrigerant charge, a refrigerant overcharge, contaminated refrigerant,  a blend door issue, a cooling fan problem, or maybe a weak compressor.

其他时候可能是更复杂的问题,如传感器问题或控制器问题. These are things that can be diagnosed and fixed.

However sometimes when this is heard from a customer, it is a case of the customer expecting too much of their A/C system.  要让他们相信这一点是极具挑战性的,这不是什么可以解决的问题,因为系统没有任何问题.

An example of this is when a heat wave hits an area.  For illustration purposes, let’s say you are in an area when the high usually averages around 88° to 90° F.  A heat wave sets in and the high goes up about 10° F.  Now the high is in the upper 90s and hits “triple digits” some days.  随着温度的升高,湿度也会增加,让人感觉更热. 

有人的系统通常可以在44°或45°的温度下从通风口吹出空气, it might now be blowing out in the upper 40s or low 50s. 从通风口出来的空气不像环境温度低10度、湿度低时那样“冷咬”.

更有挑战性的是,可能会出现你之前工作过的车辆. 客户试图把这种“缺乏性能”归咎于你的工作,尽管它在温度达到100华氏度之前“工作得很好”.

下面是一个图表,可以帮助一些教育客户时,这些情况的遭遇.  这是一个性能图表,包含在MACS更新诊所,在几年前.  It was originally developed by GM for a specific vehicle platform.  然而,在那个诊所和这里,它是用一般的方式来说明增加温度和湿度对系统的影响. Please see figure # 1.

Figure 1: This is the performance chart that was referenced above.

为了说明上述例子,请首先查看标题为“相对湿度”的专栏。. We will select 40%.  Next, in the “AMBIENT AIR TEMP”  column we will select 90° F.  Now moving over to the “MAXIMUM RIGHT CENTER AIR OUTLET TEMPERATURE” column, 右侧中心最大出风口温度不应超过51°F(在2000 RPM).  Please see figure # 2.

Figure #2: The items referenced above are circled.

接下来,kok体育安卓版下载将进入“环境空气温度”栏,并将环境温度提高到100°F.  查看“最高右中心出风口温度”列,表明最大出风口温度增加8°, up to 59° F. Please see figure # 3.

Figure #3: The items referenced above are circled.

接下来,kok体育安卓版下载将返回到“RELATIVE HUMIDITY”列,并将湿度级别增加到50%.  At 90° F, 右侧中心出风口最高温度54°F(增加了3°F).  Please see figure # 4

Figure #4: The items referenced above are circled.

最后,kok体育安卓版下载将把相对湿度提高到60%,环境温度提高到100°F. That results in a maximum right center air outlet temperature of 68° F. 这比kok体育安卓版下载开始时的相对湿度40%和90华氏度增加了17华氏度. Please see figure # 5.

Figure #5: The items referenced above are circled.

An A/C system is doing double duty when cooling the air in the cab of a vehicle.  它不仅能去除驾驶室内部的热量,还能去除湿气.  As indicated in the charts, 湿度的显著增加会导致排气口温度的显著增加.


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  1. Thomas Lech says:

    Many techs will not think 🤔 of this?. After a car has been involved in a front end collision. 在汽车修理厂或保险公司需要一个更便宜的选择后市场冷凝器. 1: Condenser has many fewer cooling fins per inch. 例如每英寸有16个散热片,而不是每英寸有21个散热片. 2: if you were cooling to passages. Example the OEM condenser would have 51 cooling two passages, The aftermarket condenser 43 cooling tube passages. 3: If your internal sins that are located inside the cooling two passages. 举个例子,如果你打开OEM冷凝器,看到有12个冷却管翅片,位于管的内部,在一个微通道上. 当你切开后市场微通道冷却管,发现里面只有六个鳍片.

    我已经记录了这个问题,并把这个问题拍了很多次,上传到YouTube上. 在商店里开始猜测并更换与客户汽车无关的零部件,试图多次充电试图猜测这是一次不当充电. THINK ABOUT IT ? 🤔 💭

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