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MACS Mobile A/C Update

Temperature testing accuracy


Temperature readings can be easily used to determine if an orifice tube system might be undercharged, and they can also be used to charge an orifice tube system. But if the readings are not accurate, all they are going to do is cause you problems.
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Helpful tips to register for MACS online training clinics


Helpful tips on how to register for a class on the MACS website
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Spend some time with MACS president and coo Elvis Hoffpauir


Hello, and Welcome to MACS Worldwide’s YouTube Channel. We’re glad you’re here! Elvis Hoffpauir Pioneer Experience MACS History! Elvis Hoffpauir, MACS president and chief operating officer, was presented with a...
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MACS Live Chat (John Duerr & Steve Schaeber discuss A/C Leak Detection Tracer dye & COVID-19在纽约)


大家好!, and welcome to another MACS Live Chat, hosted by Steve Schaeber, manager of service training and technical editor for MACS publications like ACtion Magazine and the MSR (MACS...
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Helpful tactics to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in your service and repair shop


比尔雪, Radair Complete Car Care, 克利夫兰, OH With today’s concern about being exposed to COVID-19 shop owners need to take additional steps to protect their team members and...
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Vehicle power management and HVAC


September/ October 2019 ACTION Magazine Vehicle power management and climate control In the case of many late model vehicles, there are more and more systems utilizing electrical power management strategies...
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All about truck and off road mobile A/C


So where do we go from here? That is the question.  There aren’t a whole lot of new things we can do with an air conditioning system to improve how...
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Finding yf (2019 Refrigerant Update)


史蒂夫·Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor (2019年5月20日) ©2019 Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide As part of our continuing effort to document the industry’s changeover to R-1234yf, 苹果电脑一次...
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Are you ready for A/C season?


Reviewing the fundamentals: Pressures We started out with a brief review of A/C system pressure testing order to build up to the major point of the class which was the...
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Do you know how to find coolant leaks?


Finding Coolant Leaks Some days, around this time of year, it feels like all we do is chase down coolant leaks. Maybe that has something to do with weather patterns...
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