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MACS Mobile A/C Update

Technician training yields competitive edge


“Current technologies for thermal management systems are changing and becoming ever more complex,” explained Peter Bradley in his presentation at MACS 2018 kok下载安卓版 Event and Trade Show titled, 未来趋势...
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Meet Jeff Schultz of Schrader Pacific


By Marion J Posen, MACS VP member relations and marketing Everyone knows the Schrader valve; it’s been around since 1893, and has been used in A/C systems since we haven’t...
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2018 MACS Service Information Survey


The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) was organized to serve the mobile air conditioning industry. MACS’ charter and mission are communication and education. To achieve these goals, the Society has...
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Do you know your HVAC components?


  The first part of any good under-hood inspection should include a label check. The labels below provide us with refrigerant charge specifications to correlate to the OE specifications found...
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Spin-On Coolant Filters


由克里斯泰森, MACS Heavy Duty Contributor While rarely seen in automotive and light truck systems, engine coolant filters (sometimes called water filters) can be found on many over-the-road, 重...
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Are you ready for A/C season?


This is the MACS blog site if you are looking for the MACS main website click here. Repair shops – one question: Are you prepared for A/C season 2018? 圆...
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The time for mandatory Section 609 recertification is now


The new refrigerant purchasing rules that took effect January 1, 2018 have had service shops, distributors and the MACS office in an uproar. At the MACS office, the faxes, emails,...
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Tariffs: A two-edged sword


By Keith Leonard, Esquire. While not for the first (or the last) time in United States history, the current administration has announced the imposition of tariffs on imported steel and...
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By Steve Schaeber, MACS Manager of Service kok下载安卓版 MACS has been tracking refrigerant use by vehicle manufacturers for quite some time and, as expected for the 2018 model year, we...
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Section 609 important information


[youtube] If you still have questions about Section 609 certification please review our list of frequently asked questions by clicking here.    
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