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Hybrid and battery electric vehicle A/C


史蒂夫·Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor Internal combustion engines have powered our transportation for decades, including the cars and trucks we drive each day. Over the years we’ve seen attempts...
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Denso uses A/C to alert drowsy drivers


史蒂夫·Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor The basic technology has been around for a while now, going back at least 10 years on Toyota and some luxury car brands such...
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Repeat blower motor issue


史蒂夫·Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor An old boss of mine used to have a saying that goes something like: I ain’t got time to be doing the same thing...
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They don’t build ’em like they used to


由安德鲁•罗斯, publisher Jobber News Magazine, Canada Note: Andrew Ross was kind enough to share his April 2016 editorial for Jobber News with us. We have reprinted it on...
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Getting ready for A/C repair season


  由安迪Fiffick, Chairman and CEO MACS Worldwide , Owner Rad-Air Complete Car Care, 克利夫兰, OH Getting (and keeping) our shops “service-ready” is a moving target – one that...
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I'd rather keep my fingers, thank you!


史蒂夫·Schaeber, MACS Manager of Service kok下载安卓版 While visiting a local shop and taking some pictures for this edition of ACtion, I got to talking with one of the...
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Do you know about electric cooling fan operating strategies?


Download the March 2015 issue of MACS ACTION magazine to learn about electric cooling fan strategies and more!
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史蒂夫·Schaeber, MACS Technical Editor Recently, I posted to the MACS WordPress blog and covered a fuse issue on a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta. In response to my post, I...
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Evaporators, out of sight but not out of mind


保罗Weissler, MACS Senior Technical Correspondent The evaporator is out of sight, but with A/C  technicians it can’t be out of mind. When you can’t find a leak anywhere...
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Brushless Blower Motor


(illustration: Wiki commons) This disc drive motor has magnets in the hub that rotates around the windings. A control unit turns on voltage to each winding at the right time....
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